Welcome to my artwork!  These were drawn throughout various points on my mission, whenever I felt the need to let out some creative energy. :P Which happens a lot, actually.  Some come from scripture, other from experiences, others still come merely from random inpiration.  Enjoy!! :)
My illustration of Moses 7:25-33

I drew this about a year ago; yes, it is the inspiration for my blog title.
Read 2 Nephi 1:21

Samuel the Lamanite! It's no Arnold was actually
inspired by a Walter Rane painting.

White fire is kind of a missionary thing in our mission that I like a lot.
Greenie fire will fade, but white fire only builds, and burns hotter.
The Chains of Hell
The Dispensation cycle on paper. :P

Inspired by an awesome bee-keeping member in Fairfield, who
bred a peculiar kind of bee. :P

The Cowboy Code

My Rendition of Jacob 7 (by request of Sister Haslam)
My rendition of Helaman 7-8 (by request of Sister Nestman)

ta da!