The Mission RPG Project

In the beginning of my mission, I wanted to find a more...creative way to record my experiences and accomplishments in addition to the standard missionary journal.  A combination of a love of art and video games led to what I call "The Mission RPG project". 

 Every transfer, I created a chart to track my progress with an accompanying theme.  As I "level up" throughout my mission, the charts get more elaborate, and sometimes, less.  I generally record things such as "baptisms", "lessons taught", "blessings given" every transfer, while different areas will produce more varied attributes such as "sirens", "Death threats", or simply even, "VALLEJO!".

 Enjoy. :)

Transfer 1: Napa 3rd ward

Transfer 2: Napa 3rd ward

Transfer 3: Napa 3rd ward
"No hands wheelie!"

Transfer 4: Fairfield 4th ward
"Welcome to Fairfield"

Transfer 5: Fairfield 4th ward
"The Cowboy Code"

Transfer 6: Fairfield 4th ward
"Flying High"
Transfer 7: Davis 1st ward
"The Hippy Elder"

Transfer 8: Davis 1st ward
"Training on Degobah"
Transfer 9: Davis 1st ward
"The Darth Duel"

Transfer 10: Petaluma 1st ward
"AT-ST's on Endor"

Transfer 11: Petaluma 1st ward
"Legend of Zelda"

Transfer 12: Petaluma 1st ward
"Force Unleashed & Harry Potter"
Transfer 13: Vallejo 1st ward
Transfer 14: Vallejo 1st ward
"the gray is for experience"

Transfer 15:
McKinleyville 1st Ward
"The Legend of Bigfoot"

Transfer 16: McKinleyville 1st Ward
 "Running out of Time"

Transfer 17: McKinleyville 1st ward
"Dead Man Walking"