Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Your Own Parable!

 Ok, I had an idea I want to try out.  Here is the Parable of the Light(house).  But before I give My interpretation, I want to hear Yours! What is the storm?  What are the lights?  What is significant in this parable to You, and how does it relate to the gospel? :) Leave a comment, and let's hear what you think!!!
You wipe the cold sea spray from your squinting eyes, as the strong taste of salt fills your mouth and nose, making you cough into your sleeve. As you wipe the freezing water off your face, you pitch forward, falling on your knees and hands.  What's going on?  Where are you?
 As you get back on your feet, your eyes adjust to the blackness all around you, although the howling wind and bitter spray still causes you to squint.  You realize that you are on a ship at sea, that it must be nighttime, and that you are caught in the middle of a dark, tremendous, violent storm.

 You can hear the voices of others somewhere on the ship, but the wind makes them seem distant, and you can't tell if they are feet, or miles, away.  It's so dark, you can only make out the dark silhouette of the ship around you, and an occasional streak of lightning that illuminates the surrounding sea in a flash.
 You're scared.

 As another enormous bolt of lightning dances across the sky, a huge crack of thunder follows, rumbling the slick floorboards beneath you.  You drop to your knees, half to keep your balance, but more out of desperation. On your knees, you unconsciously begin to pray to be delivered from this storm. The howling wind is mute the words as they leave your mouth, but you refuse to yield until "Amen".  With that, you feel something in your hand, as if it had been there all along.  You hold it a few inches away from your face, and investigate it beneath your fingers.
 It's a flashlight!
 You find the button, and press it.  It illuminates instantly, brilliantly, insomuch that you are now squinting to protect your eyes from the radiant beam.  They adjust, and you can finally see your surroundings.
 The planks beneath your feet are weatherworn and moldy, and you are surprised that they are holding your weight.  As you look around, you see other people seeking shelter from the storm, crouched wherever they can stay the driest amidst the raging typhoon.  None of them have flashlights, you notice.  You also notice a door in front of you leading below deck.  As you approach the door, one of the people shivering behind a barrel on the deck stops you.
 "All the people who have flashlights are down there.  They locked it and won't let us in."

 Perturbed, you turn around, determined to find a safe haven. As you lift your light's beam, you see that the mast has been torn to shreds in the storm, and the wheel of the ship on the upper deck is unmanned. 
 Although your experience with commandeering ships is limited to what you have seen in pirate movies, you know that an unmanned boat, especially in a hurricane, is not a good place to be.  You look up, wipe the biting rain off your face, and press towards the wheel.
 Illuminated under the dazzling beam of your new flashlight, you see that the wheel is green and slimy with scum. It's spinning wildly as the ship is tossed to and fro, and at first you flinch as you reach for it.  But as another crack of lightning strikes dangerously near, you throw caution to the winds and grab the wheel.  You cry out as your flashlight is thrown across the deck and into the sea, but now that you have hold on the wheel, you don't dare let go. Darkness surrounds you, and you realize that you have no place to steer the ship to for safety.  Any way could be the way to land, and any way could steer you further out to sea, amidst the storm.
 You close your eyes, and wish you at least still had your flashlight.

 Suddenly, a deep, penetrating noise pierces through the howling wind and crashing waves. A foghorn.  You open your eyes, and search the darkness for the source of the sound.  After a few seconds, a brilliant beam of light sweeps across the horizon to port.  A rush of relief sweeps over you.  You turn the ship towards the lighthouse, and you can see it is still several miles to land.
 Although you know there is still a lot of storm ahead of you, you know that as you follow the light, you will reach the safety of the harbor.


 Let's hear YOUR parable! :D

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  1. Sister Trudi Yandt sent me this interpretation, which is pretty right on the money I think. :)

    I pictured the storm as the trials and tribulations in my life. Those can be really rough, but weathering the storm, makes me stronger and a better person. When I read the part about the flashlight, it reminded of something my missionary told me when I got baptized. He said that when I receive the Holy Ghost it is like getting a flashlight. He told me to pay attention to that light, and it will always be with me. I need to listen to what that influence is telling me, and start to listen. Then when I listen, I need to obey. When I obey , Heavenly Father will tell me more. It can become more reliable than our own eyesight. I pictured myself in this parable, needing that flashlight , so that I would feel comforted, and to get started in the right direction. But when the flashlight got lost, it was OK, because I had my hand on the wheel, which was like my faith. I have scriptures and prayer, and things that help keep my faith strong. That's what I need to keep focused on Heavenly Father. He is the light that we need to go towards. Just like a light house