Tuesday, July 26, 2011

White Fire!

 I love Fire.  To me, fire is a mystery and a wonder.  It is clear, yet ephemerally solid.  It brings light and warmth to any environment.  Fire can save lives, if controlled.  Just as easily, it can destroy pretty much everything if left to its own device.  It can cleanse and purify, as well as burn to ashes.  It is little wonder to me, having found comfort in the cold of winter before a warm crackling fire, that the Spirit of God too burns "like a fire."  The Spirit often speaks through a "burning" feeling.  When we receive the Holy Ghost, it is known as the "Baptism of Fire". Throughout scripture, whenever God shows His power from Heaven, He shows it by bringing the fire.

  I have had the wonderful opportunity to recently begin training a brand new missionary.  To anyone who has trained, or even been in close proximity with, a new missionary, they've more than likely experienced the phenomenon known as "Greenie Fire".

 Greenie Fire is powerful.  It can overcome any contact's resistance by sheer will and desire to share our message!  It can face any and all opposition with inerrant optimism!  It can tract all day in 100+ degree summer days, and still want to skip dinner!  It can't be deterred by dogs, flat tires, no mail, angry yells, and slammed doors. It is a flame that is bright and hot, and it is contagious, especially to other missionaries.  It is a wonderful spiritual "new car smell" reserved only for those fresh to the mission field.

My boy, Elder Longstaff.

 What makes Greenie Fire so wonderful, and new missionaries so powerful, is that they are completely uncomfortable and new at missionary work.  They don't know how to tract. They've never taught a 25 year old single mother about the Law of Chastity.  They've never even invited someone on the street to be baptized!  They are completely new.  Therefore, they rely completely on the Lord.  They aren't afraid to do any of the aforementioned missionary activities, because they know the Lord will help them.

  Yet, as with any flame, the Greenie Fire begins to fade.  As the missionary gains experience, learns the lessons, and can contact just about anyone on the street, the work becomes easier.  Familiar.  Comfortable.  Faith in what the Lord can accomplish through you is replaced by confidence in things you have accomplished.
  And so, who is the better missionary: the inexperienced "Greenie" overflowing with enthusiasm, or the seasoned veteran who is capable and experienced?

 In my opinion, one is not better than the other.  But a missionary that is both would be truly powerful.

  Imagine if a missionary were to keep that Fire in their heart their whole mission!  Even with all the experience and lessons and contacts and baptisms that come over time, they relied solely on the Lord with reckless, desperate abondon!  The Greenie Fire would give way to something that burns much hotter.  A more refined Fire that is controlled, powerful, and Divine.

 This is White Fire.

 White Fire isn't just for missionaries, either.  It comes from an insatiable desire to do good.  It is that power, that light, that certain people seem to carry with them.  They bring warmth to all those around them, and they attract weatherworn souls as a moth is drawn to a flame.  We all see these people.  If you are like me, you want to be like those people.  This light isn't some magic trick, it isn't solely personality either (although I know that certainly helps, sometimes).  It is because these people follow the Master.

 I testify that we can all have this power!  We can all have this light!  The Spirit of God is for everyone; everyone can feel the warmth of it's flame.  All we have to do is follow the Savior, trust in the Father, and seek the Spirit.
 Then all will be able to feel your White Fire.


  1. I love it. Oh how I miss missionary work! That really is the key to being a successful missionary: being the veteran AND the greenie.

  2. White fire, I like! New missionaries bring such a wonderful light when they come into the field. That's my favorite part about training. But, transforming all of our flames into that "white fire" is the ultimate goal.

  3. This was very good. I want that. Item to put on the pray and work for list.