Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fear Not

"Fear not," said the Father
 at dawn's brilliant light
 as we first left Heaven
 and He left our sight.

"Fear not," said Mother
 as we cried in the morn,
 "I'll hold you close, always
 my precious newborn."

Fear not," said Brother
as tears began to swell
and he bandaged the scrape
from where you had fell.

"Fear not," said Sister
 in a loving warm embrace
 when it seemed like this world
 was just too hard of a place

"Fear not," said your Love,
 "I'll help carry the load
 as we make our way down
 this life's rocky road."

"Fear not," you whisper
 as the night draws nigh
 and all those you love
 stand 'round your bedside,

 "The smiles and the frowns
 and the laughs and the tears
 are worth so much more
 than the number of years;
 we can't understand, now,
 the prices we pay,
 but just trust in the Lord
 and be not afraid."