Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Progressive Post: The World/Ward Family

 Hey everyone, my name is Elder Trey Williams. The baton has been passed to me by the unstoppable Elder David Mahrt, and so the progressive post brings you to my humble page.  I too am a missionary serving in the California Santa Rosa mission, and I would like to echo the sentiments of my peer in that I truly believe this is the best mission in the world.  I have loved every second of my time here, and my heart is only growing fonder for my mission as my time here matures.  Nowhere else in the world will you find the towering redwoods along the misty coast, the vineyards blooming on the rolling hills as far as the eye can see, coupled with the sun setting on the San Francisco bay.  Without a doubt, some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world can be found within the boundaries of our mission.  If there is anything better than the landscape, it can only be the people.

 We learn from the gospel of Jesus Christ that relationships are the most important things we can have in this life.  Whether you are religious or not, your loved ones likely mean as much to you as mine do to me.  We all have people we trust, people we care for, people we want to keep in our lives forever.  Regardless of relation or not, I call these people family.  These people that have touched my life, and they are people I will never forget. Like Elder Michael McBride, I am thankful for the blessing that all these people have been to me.

 When I got to my first area, Napa, I was astonished at how close the ward was.  Everyone knew each other!  They grew up together!  Their parents grew up together! Their kids were now growing up together!  Everyone cared for each other, and I knew that if ever there was a crisis in any family in the ward, the rest would instantly close ranks.  I learned so much from them, and I was so grateful to have become a part of that family.  Though my time there was only a few months, I feel like I had forever gained family.

 When I was transferred from Napa, I wondered if I would ever find a ward like that again.  I pondered back on words given to me from one of my branch presidency in the MTC.  I don't remember his name, but I confided my fears and doubts to him about being on a mission.  I was so worried, and felt incredibly alone in this calling.  He told me, "You will meet people on your mission that will be so close to you, they will become family.  And from what I've seen of you, Elder Williams, you will have plenty of family." 

 My next area, Fairfield, completely assuaged my fears.  The people were just incredible!  The more I met, the more I loved them!  As I was transferred to Davis, Petaluma, Vallejo, and now McKinleyville, I have come to realize the truth of what that loving councilor had told me not so long ago.  I had come to truly love my people, and I had truly gained a family.  The greatest blessings we receive in life not only come through other people, they are the people!  Be it members, investigators, companions, fellow missionaries, or just people we met on the street, I am so grateful to, and for, all of them.

 The important lesson I've learned, and am still learning, is that there are truly no bounds between us as children of God.  We are all family!  When we let the "scales of darkness" fall from our eyes, and see people as Christ does, we will finally learn what he has already taught us: "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another." 

 I am so grateful to be here, and for all of the wonderful people here in California!  Now I pass the torch of the progressive post to the capable hands of Sister Gorder!

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  1. My family is one of the most important things in the world to me! Knowing that everyone on earth is a part of my family puts a whole new perspective on life.